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Johann Wilhelm Pfaff’s “Astrologie” (1816) with Günther Oestmann

In this podcast Günther Oestmann joins us one more to talk about the life and work of Johann Wilhelm Pfaff astronomer and astrologer. Pfaff published an astrological book in 1816 and engaged in the discussion of astrology at a time when this was considered foolish, particularly for an academic. This makes him a unique case in the history of astrology in the modern period.

Günther Oestmann research on Johann Pfaff :
“J. W. A. Pfaff and the Rediscovery of Astrology in the Age of Romanticism” –…
The german version can be found here:…

To find more about Günther Oestmann’s works see his personal website:

Audio version:
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