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Islamicate and Chinese astral iconography with Jeffrey Kotyk

In this episode researcher Jeffrey Kotyk join us once more to talk about his research on astral iconography. In this video he presents some highlights of his studies on the representations of planets, signs and other astrological elements in Chinese and Japanese art, tracing their origins to Indian and Islamic sources and discussing their cultural adaptation.

Papers on iconography by Jeffrey Kotyk:

“Astrological Iconography of Planetary Deities inTang China: Near Eastern and Indian Icons in Chinese Buddhism”, Journal of Chinese Buddhist Studies (2017, 30: 33–88) –

“Research Note on Brahmanical Deities in Mikkyō Astrological Art!”, 出版情報:Journal of Asian Humanities at Kyushu University. 4, pp.101-108, 2019 –

Audio version:
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