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Horoscopic astrology in Eastern traditions with Jeffrey Kotyk

In this episode researcher Jeffrey Kotyk joins us to talk about his work on the introduction of Indian and Iranian astrology into China. He addressed this topic on his PhD research titled “Buddhist Astrology and Astral Magic in the Tang Dynasty” (Leiden University, 2017) and in subsequent papers. His has explored many facets of practice of horoscopy in Eastern traditions including astrological iconography. In a recent paper he compares the practice of English astrologer William Lilly (1602–1681) with that of his eastern close contemporary Wan Minying (1521–1603).

For more information of Jeffrey Kotyk’s research see:

His paper “Chinese and English Horoscopy in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries: The Astrological Doctrines of the Twelve Houses and the Lot of Fortune in Xingxue dacheng 星學大成 by Wan Minying 萬民英 (1521–1603) and Christian Astrology by William Lilly (1602–1681)”, International Journal of Divination and Prognostication, vol. 1 (2019), can be found here:

Audio version:
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