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Commentary on the Sphere of Sacrobosco (1621)

This experimental series presents some examples of historical documents on astrology and related topics. This first episode discusses a commentary to the famous Treatise on the Sphere by Sacrobosco. Produced by the Jesuit Johann Chrysostomus Gall in 1621, this text updates the traditional Sphere with the celestial novelties discovered with the telescope and the stars and constellations of the southern hemisphere. This manuscript is part of the Library of Brotéria in Lisbon.

In the first part Luís Ribeiro provides an overview of the manuscript.

In the second part the Rector of the Church of São Roque, director of Brotéria and historian Father António Trigueiros S.J., speaks on the context of this document, offering an overview of the Jesuit college of Santo Antão, the Church of São Roque and the Jesuit missions to the Far East. Father Trigueiros is an early modern historian and researcher specialising in the Jesuit order. He is also director of Brotéria (the cultural journal of the Portuguese Jesuits).

We thank Brotéria and the Church of São Roque for receiving us and allowing the filming of the manuscript and church.

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