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Contingency and astrology

Book: Contingency and Natural Order in Early Modern Science ​This volume considers contingency as a historical category resulting from the combination of various intellectual elements – epistemological, philosophical, material, as well as theological and, broadly speaking, intellectual. With contributions ranging from…

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New article on Abraham Ibn Ezra

The Abraham Ibn Ezra–Peter of Limoges Astrological-Exegetical Connection The article enlarges the circle of the Latin admirers of Abraham Ibn Ezra (ca. 1089–ca. 1161) to include Peter of Limoges (second half of the thirteenth century), who spent most of his…

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Two recent publications by Shlomo Sela

Origins and Transmission of Liber Abraham Iudei de Nativitatibus ​The Liber Abraham Iudei de Nativitatibus is a Latin astrological treatise that has no surviving Hebrew counterpart, and whose affiliation with Abraham Ibn Ezra (ca. 1189-ca. 1160) is unclear. Till now De nativitatibus has been…

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Lecture: how to deal with wretched subjects!

On the analysis and interpretation of historical horoscopes We were honoured to have with us Professor Günther Oestmann for a talk on horoscopes and their importance to  historical  research. The lecture took place at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon and had a…

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Workshop on Astronomical tables

The workshop Pre-modern Astronomical and Astrological Data in Tabular Form: Storage, Edition and Mathematical Analysis will take place next November (19th-21st) at the Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities in Munich. It is a joint venture of the PAL and ALFA projects. ​It includes both…

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