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Helena Avelar (1964-2021)

It is with great sorrow that we inform you that, Helena Avelar, co-founder and head researcher of the Astra Project has passed away. Helena was passionate Historian of Astrology a wonderful colleague and human being. She will be deeply missed…

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New book: Philosophising the Occult

Philosophising the Occult Avicennan Psychology and 'The Hidden Secret' of Fakhr al-Dīn al-Rāzīby: Michael Noble Was it mere encyclopedism that motivated Fakhr al-Dīn al-Rāzī (d.1210), one of the most influential Islamic theologians of the twelfth century, to theorize on astral…

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New book: Debating the Stars in the Italian Renaissance

Debating the Stars in the Italian Renaissance: Giovanni Pico della Mirandola's Disputationes adversus astrologiam divinatricem and Its Reception by Ovanes Akopyan In Debating the Stars, Ovanes Akopyan sheds new light on the astrological controversies that arose in the late fifteenth and early…

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The Jewel of Annual Astrology edited by Martin Gansten

The Jewel of Annual Astrology is an encyclopaedic treatise on Tājika or Sanskritized Perso-Arabic astrology, dealing particularly with the casting and interpretation of anniversary horoscopes, that now is available in English edited, translated, and annotated  by Martin Gansten. Authored in…

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The Astrology of the conjunctions by Stephan Heilen

This new book in German language, by Stephan Heilen, addresses aspects of one of the core doctrines of astrological prognostication. Of Perso-Arabic origin, conjunction astrology bypasses individual birth horoscopes in favor of those rare conjunctions of planets on which historical…

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